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Commercial Buildings

Eggemeyer's General Store - Restoration
San Angelo, Texas
Eggemeyer's GS 1   Eggemeyer's GS 2   Eggemeyer's GS 3   Eggemeyer's GS 4
Cedar Hill Cream
Embassy Suites by Hilton
The Woodlands, Texas
Embassy Suites 1   Embassy Suites 2   Embassy Suites 3
Cedar Hill Cream
Odessa Christian Faith Center
Odessa, Texas
Odessa Christian Faith Center 1   Odessa Christian Faith Center 2   Odessa Christian Faith Center 3
State National Bank
Big Spring, Texas
State National Bank  1   State National Bank  2   State National Bank  3
State National Bank 4   State National Bank 5
Hadrian & Permian Sea Coral
Fort Worth Zoo MOLA
Ft. Worth, Texas
Ft. Worth Zoo MOLA 1   Ft. Worth Zoo MOLA 2   Ft. Worth Zoo MOLA 3
Cedar Hill Cream was used in both interior and exterior applications. Tumbled stone was used as the typical field stone and honed panels were used around the animal exhibits.
American State Bank
Frisco, Texas
American State Bank 1   American State Bank 2   American State Bank 3
Hadrian is used in large cut panels in a smooth finish. The stones define the entire base of the building as well as a large arching entryway.
San Angelo Fine Arts Museum
San Angelo, Texas
San Angelo Museum 1   San Angelo Museum 2   San Angelo Museum 3
Cedar Hill Cream split-face, large 10" thick gold roughback panels, sawn 10" thick Cedar Hill Cream panels, and large 10" thick black roughback panels.
Lubbock War Memorial
Lubbock, Texas
Lubbock War Memorial 1   Lubbock War Memorial 2   Lubbock War Memorial 3
Permian Sea Coral was used on the main entrance. (15) 10'X5' panels were polished, laid out, then Lubbock Area Veterans War Memorial was sandblasted into the stone. Each panel had to match perfectly in order for the wording to be placed correctly.
Permian Sea Coral split-face, turned columns and panels with false joints were used extensively on the project.
The Science Place at TI Founders IMAX Theater
Dallas, Texas
IMAX 1   IMAX 2   IMAX 3
This structure features 16,000 sq. ft. of North Cream 2" thick exterior wall panels.
St. Paul Lutheran Church
Ft. Worth, Texas
St. Paul 1   St. Paul 2   St. Paul 3
Desert Sunset was used in a random ashlar pattern.
W Hotel
Dallas, Texas
W Hotel 1   W Hotel 2   W Hotel 3
Burger King
Colorado City, Texas
Burger King
The Burger King in Colorado City, Texas is veneered with Cedar Hill Cream split-face.
Timpano's Chophouse
Frisco, Texas
Timpano's 1   Timpano's 2   Timpano's 3
Cedar Hill Cream in a smooth finish clads the exterior front and chimney of this upscale restaurant. Two large molded sills and thicker quions also provide relief for an otherwise flat facade.
St. Stephens Catholic Church
Midland, Texas
St. Stephens 1   St. Stephens 2   St. Stephens 3
Cedar Hill Cream was used for the ambo and alter as well as the back wall sandblasted into a sunburst.
St. Clare Catholic Church
O'Fallon, Illinois
St. Clare 1   St. Clare 2   St. Clare 3
Christ Episcopal Church
Plano, Texas
Christ Episcopal 1   Christ Episcopal 2   Christ Episcopal 3
Hadrian in smooth and sandblasted finish is used in large cut panels at entry areas as well as steeples and bell towers. The stone is carried inside to clad the many supporting columns of the sanctuary and narthex.
D.A.R.T. Station
Garland, Texas
DART Station 1   DART Station 2   DART Station 3
Cedar Hill Cream Panels with a smooth finish.
The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas - Houston Branch
Houston, Texas
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas - Houston Branch
This project in Houston, Texas implemented White Hadrian with a honed finish on the interior flooring. Honed veneer panels are installed in various locations of the building as well as fixed furniture tops.
Shady Oaks Country Club
Ft. Worth, Texas
Shady Oaks 1   Shady Oaks 2   Shady Oaks 3
Milled urns, panels and split-face of Cedar Hill Cream.